Install Weasl on your site

Weasl Installation

To manually install Weasl on your website, you need access to your website's source code. To install Weasl, simply paste the following just before you see </body> in your website's HTML:

(function(window, document) {
if (window.weasl) console.error('Weasl embed already included');
var w = {}, m = ['init', 'login', 'signup', 'setAttribute', 'getCurrentUser']; w._c = [];
m.forEach(me => w[me] = function() {w._c.push([me, arguments])});
var elt = document.createElement('script');
elt.type = "text/javascript"; elt.async = true;
elt.src = "";
var before = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
before.parentNode.insertBefore(elt, before);
window.weasl = w;
})(window, document, undefined);
weasl.init('YOUR CLIENT ID HERE');

Where you replace the text "YOUR CLIENT ID HERE" with your Weasl client ID.

This will tell Weasl what your account is. Weasl's code will not load fully until "weasl.init".

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